1958 BSA A10 Golden Flash

This fine machine is beautifully presented and prepared by our expert engineers. Whilst in our care, lots of work both mechanically and cosmetically has been carried out to achieve what you see today. A machine worthy of any collection - whilst having the capabilities to safely cruise the country roads!

A popular example of the BSA 650 Twin, the A10 Golden Flash or also commonly known as the “Gold Flash” - Designed in the mid 50’s by an Engineer called Bert Hopwood, the one who designed some of the most influential designs for major marques such as BSA, Norton, Ariel and Triumph. 

Available in both Black and Chrome, and Gold and Black - Later models saw swing-arm suspension and swept BSA tank badge on the tank. Similar to the A7 in design, yet featuring the cast-iron barrels finished in black as opposed to the cast aluminium. Using the A7’s well proven parts carried great reliability and quality into the early 60’s!

An extended service that has been carried out in house, sees all oils replaced with quality low-detergent fluids The clutch basket and plates are fresh, having not seen much use since an obvious recent recommission. The bike features a professionally rebuilt magneto (Receipted), with new brushes, HT leads, Caps and Plugs. Makes for a first kick start - every time!

Our technicians have recommissioned and restored its AMAL Monobloc Carburettor with a new float needle, gaskets and O-rings. Ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt. A new throttle unit has been supplied, along with a tailor made cable - creates a safe roadgoing example.

The bike's paintwork is of a very good standard, and has been renovated well with professional polishes to replenish its shine and protect it for time to come! But some age related marks and professional smart repaired areas to note - to be expected with an original example.

The tank, thought to be original, is of very good condition, inside and out - the interior of which has been restored with paint safe cleaners and phosphated for protection. New Fuel taps and Fuel lines complete this area.

The Electrics have been tested from front to back, replacing and repairing wiring where necessary - A new rear lamp unit has been supplied and fitted - the newly refinished number plate holder and letters lift the bike to a new lease of life!

The engine sounds great with no mechanical noises to note. Valve clearances have been checked and adjusted. Burning no oil and pulls throughout the rev range of the AMAL carburettor and has performed well on our road test. The oil pump works well and the scavenge pump returns to the tank swiftly.

We welcome you to view our Golden Flash in person to truly appreciate its magnificence and originality.

The wheels have clearly been recently rebuilt with new Akront Style Rims that give a certain sporty look to the A10. Admired by many that have passed through the workshop! 

An interesting amount of history from 1973-1985 where Test certificates have been issued. Various Tax discs, original Green Buff Log Book and V5 are present, Along with our Safety Inspection. The bike has recently been Re-Registered with DVLA and is now issued with a date related plate. 909 XVT.

A comprehensive Safety Inspection has been carried in house - ensures each and every detail has been checked for safety and quality assurance.

Although a viewing is always recommended - we can provide a full video walkaround of the running machine through WhatsApp upon request. We can also arrange for the bike to be delivered at a cost of £1 per mile one way from Framlingham Area.

Feel free to get in touch "over the phone" preferred if you should have any questions - we would be delighted to hear from you.
£5350.00 – Viewing always advised / Part Exchange Considered.

Golden Flash

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