Team ZX1

We are now proudly supported by Team ZX1. Team ZX1 is a micro-oil treatment company with their flagship product developed into a unique set of lubricating products. Now trading globally and supporting countless racing teams and organisations throughout the World. Oils refined from crude oil are not particularly good lubricants in today’s high-performance engines. Over the years, additives and completely synthetic oils have been developed to improve lubricity, film strength and stability, with anti-corrosion properties resulting in cleaner running and more efficient engines.

ZX1 EXTRALUBE is a Micro-oil metal treatment that bonds to metal surfaces giving significant benefits to your engine. Team ZX1’s flagship “Metal Treatment” often gets confused with an oil/fuel additive but is in fact just a “Friction eliminator”, which virtually eliminates friction within your engine.

Although ZX1’s Extra lube range is universal throughout many industries, Team ZX1 have taken time to vigorously test their products specifically on motorcycles. Giving their recommended use panel you see below:

  • ZX1’s Metal treatment will protect your engine immediately after application and will virtually eliminate any unwanted friction between components (Impregnating wearing surfaces with its slick formula – working even at high temperatures!).
  • Consistently improves fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions. (Engines that run more efficiently will use less fuel.)
  • Provides excellent cold start protection.
  • One single application of the metal treatment can protect an engine up to 25,000 miles. (Best of all, an oil change won’t strip your engine of the added protection – because the metal treatment has already impregnated into the metal components.)

With newer models of motorcycle, ZX1’s metal treatment will not affect any composite fibre clutch plates.

ZX1’s flagship metal-treatment can also be used in small quantities inside motorcycle fuel tanks, acting as an upper cylinder lubricant, protecting the combustion chamber, cylinder walls, piston and valve gear, and is equally beneficial in all 2-stroke engines!

Benefits with classic motorcycles?

  • Slicker movement and added protection within the combustion chamber, (Especially with wider rings and longer piston skirts)
  • Significant reduction in vibration.
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Excellent cold start protection (Where most of the damage can take place, especially in 4-stroke engines.)
  • Significant reduction in engine mechanical noises.

Team ZX1 have created a unique product range surrounding their flagship metal-treatment. Through different forms of application: you can now use ZX1 products throughout your motorcycle.


ZX1’s SUPERGREASE is a grease designed to work with extreme loads and at high temperatures. Used where conventional lubricants have proved inadequate, this genius blend offers great protection against moving parts.

  • Prevents even salt water ingress (Perfect for your daily commuter, or keeping the damp of your pride and joy.)
  • Prolongs component life – Perfect for Head Stocks, Wheel bearings/Wheel spindles and General shafts

C60 Micro Lube Trigger Spray.

ZX1’s trigger spray lubricant outperforms other spray lubricants on the market with its unique blend of metal treatment properties. Its metal treatment abilities working wonders on any metal surface you can find.

  • Free off seized components.
  • Penetrate and seal the pores of the steel, reducing friction and protecting high impact surfaces.
  • Keep your chain in good condition and reduce chain stretch dramatically

For places where treatment cannot be reached, C67 Micro Lube pin oiler might be for you – It’s a more viscous lubricant that’s packaged with a fine needle applicator and makes reaching those hard to reach areas; much, much easier. Leave no component unprotected!

For more treatment information and dosage advice, feel free to explore Team ZX1’s Website.