BSA Bantam D14/4

This machine, like the BSA D3 Trials remained in the same family all of its life. The Uncle of it's current owner simply got fed up, after several frequent breakdowns - persistent requests to own the bike at such a young age of 14/15, forced the sale to the current owner. Weekends and Holidays were spent getting the bike back to roadworthy condition until it was time to ride! The novelty of owning a British bike in the late '70's quickly wore off with many friends owning Japanese models - better reliability and performance quickly saw new ownership of a Yamaha 250.

Having lost interest... The bike was lent against the wall in one of the farms outbuildings - and left ever since.

Despite being left alone for over 40 years, the bike still managed to get wheeled onto the van back to the workshop for a full restoration to take place! To no surprise, the engine was seized. So we carefully applied heat in cycles until the barrel could be removed without damage.

After the standing seized was removed, components were checked against tolerance ready for the rebuild. The Engine Cases were Aqua Blasted with fine glass bead to achieve a fantastic standard of finish that replicates what would be expected out of the foundry. Each and Every bearing and seal replaced with high quality components.

The bike having a substantially low mileage, saw a pristine bottom end. Side cases were polished by hand to create that factory fresh look. Like all our engine rebuilds... shaft ends, foot operated levers, head studs and "Hard to Replace" CEI/UNF hardware all re-plated in house. 

With a replacement "Birds Beak" Barrel and up-size piston, sees this little engine running up a treat with its 20:1 Mix!

Wheels have been fully rebuilt and trued in house with Quality British made Rims and Spokes. Villiers re-lined brake shoes will offer fantastic road performance after break-in. Along with its brand new tyres that always sets off a full restoration.

The electrics, re-loomed using majority of existing wiring - professionally replacing sections where necessary to achieve a flawless system - maximising the potential for lighting output and charging circuits.

Despite the Standard Bantam being rather simplistic in design and build - it still allows us to offer some fantastic attention to detail which can only be portrayed in person or though our photography below. Its stunning Piano Black Base coat with 2K Clear paint work will offer fantastic durability if the owner decides to rekindle his youth and explore the local roads once again. The Pin-striping was unusual and rather modern for its day - creating a rather elegant curvy machine!

The Bantams have a fantastic following in both road going models and in the off-road scene. Making replacement parts easily accessible. The BSA Bantam will always be a staple of any Classic Motorcycle Shop or Private Collection.

D14/4 Before

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D14/4 After

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