1938 OK-Supreme Flying Cloud

We're proud to have the opportunity to work alongside "OK-Supreme Motors Ltd." to create a collection of restored models that will stand up to the original name and heritage.

Ok-Supreme, just like many motorcycle manufacturers of the era, evolved from a cycle shop named "Humphries and Dawes Ltd." where business partners Ernie Humphries and Charles Dawes starting dabbling into the fast-growing "powered cycle" market. Creating a collection of motorcycles that went on to compete and win a number of TT races.

From 1927 onward, OK-Supreme Motors Ltd. powered on... producing a number of 250cc and 350cc J.A.P powered motorcycles. After the Second World War, OK-Supreme produced one last model, a 350cc J.A.P powered grass track racer - before closing its doors in 1946.

OK-Supreme Before

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