1973 Honda SS50 4 Speed

This little Honda was bought by its owner in 1976 who is still in possession of the original handwritten receipt! The bike was maintained by its owner throughout his teenage years and went on to never missed a beat on countless local trips around town and local beach, that's typical Honda engineering at its finest.

Brought to us with the intention of restoring back to showroom condition, so we got right to it!

We started off with a careful strip down, documenting each and every component ready for restoration. Like most of our rebuilds, tin-ware and steel work is sand blasted down to bare steel to remove rust and remaining paint. Ready for a coat of 2K rust inhibiting primer and further body work.


Once we had carried out bodywork repairs to each component. The Frame and swing arm got coated in the original “Rat Grey”, and worked through the stages to achieve the original Candy gold that was once desired by many back in its day. All finished off with the highest quality of 2K Clear Coat. The tank received a generous coat of CASWELL liner to its interior too, for longevity and further protection against the elements. A new fuel tap, lines and filters completes this area.

Just like all our rebuilds. The engine receives the treatment it deserves, each and every bearing and seal replaced and components carefully checked against OEM Specifications. The cases, aqua peened to create that near new look to set it aside from the rest. Shaft ends that protrude the cases are flash plated for a bright long lasting finish that looks great too.

O rings and Gaskets replaced upon the rebuild, along with a high output oil pump, barrel and piston replacement and cam chain sprocket kit creates the highest quality rebuild possible.


Genuine Honda rims and spokes were laced and balanced on peened aluminium hubs. Again, consumables swapped out for new - bearings and seals pressed in, wheel spindles plated and new brake linings installed to its polished backing plates. Wrapped up in ContiGO! tyres complete the look - which will offer stunning road performance if the owner wishes to rekindle his youth and take those local trips once again!

After each and every component are meticulously restored its only a matter of time before its getting put back together for the final recommission and testing.

SS50 Before

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SS50 After

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