Lacey’s Motorcycles is the result of the owner's love for all things “Motorcycle”, which has evolved into a passion for professional refurbishment and attention to detail. Our growing portfolio features some fascinating bikes throughout the ages, unique models that express individual character, history and engineering brilliance.

Ed Lacey, established Lacey’s Motorcycles in early 2014, bringing a modern approach to classic motorcycle restoration. Implementing his growing knowledge with specialist refurbishment equipment to bring historic motorcycles back to showroom condition. Resurrecting each and every motorcycle that passes through his workshop...

Extensive time and effort goes into searching for the right machine across the globe… then bringing that motorcycle back to Concours condition, many hours of work, both cosmetically and mechanically ensures you receive the best motorcycle around regardless of your make or budget. 

Classic Motorcycle Restoration

The process of restoring a classic motorcycle is as fascinating as the stories they tell, but it’s the collection of people you meet and the expansion of skills and knowledge that spurs us on for more...

Over the years, we’ve been refining our dedicated workshop to develop the quality of our work to Concours standards. Each Motorcycle that we restore undergoes a full “Frame-up” rebuild with many new parts replaced and countless original parts refurbished professionally. We take pride in undertaking a huge majority of work in-house.

A passion for detail has been evolving since the start… Making sure every single component has been meticulously refurbished to achieve or exceed factory standards. Where all consumables are replaced; with every nut, bolt, bearing and seal swapped out with new. Failed finishes can be resurrected with in-house zinc and chrome plating plants. Components are systematically worked through, ready for the final assembly.

This neurotic approach to restoration allows us to achieve those Concours standards.

The Modern Approach…

When restoring old models, we’re fascinated by simplistic design and effective engineering…

So, without detracting from the whole ethos of an original machine, we will try to implement as many modern technologies as we can. Implementing aspects that increase the bikes performance and reliability.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with these classic vehicles and invite you to follow us behind the scenes with weekly updates published on our Social Media

Lacey’s Motorcycles is now proudly partnered with Team ZX1, giving us the opportunity to treat our restored motorcycles with their unique metal treatment range.

When retailing newer models, we shall take the necessary time to make sure the bike is acceptable to our standards; replenishing trim and paintwork to carrying out any outstanding service work and making sure worn consumables are replaced with new... to ensure trouble-free riding for the near future. We do this to ensure that you have peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle from us. As a company, Lacey's Motorcycles strive to offer you the "Complete" package, in everything that we do.