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Lacey's Motorcycles Ltd. is expanding to the point where we could do with another pair of hands. The work that is constantly flowing through the workshop is of classic origin, your role would be to assist in the repair and restoration of classic British and Foreign Motorcycles.

Lacey’s Motorcycles Ltd. has a growing collection of bikes, waiting to be restored as we progress through the year. 

Looking to expand the company we feel now can only be achieved with additional engineers. We now have a fully equipped heated workshop (In Monk Soham, Suffolk, IP13 7EX), with space for an extra team member. To that end, we offer a number of vacancies - Any skilled and experienced applicants are invited for an informal chat over the phone, in person, or feel free to leave your details over WhatsApp.

We also offer a rare opportunity to jump into the motorcycle industry, by joining our Trainee Technician position and working along side the rest of the team on a full-time, full-pay basis... - Full Training and Support can and will be arranged to get you up to speed! We kindly ask that you have some experience with engineering in general, whether that be Cars, Motorcycles or College studies.

If you are interested in this opportunity, We would love to hear from you.

Join the Team

What you can expect:

There are three main forms of work that flows through the company:

The first being our Servicing and Maintenance packages that we offer right from 1950's British examples to more modern machines up to ~2015, older fuel injection machines. General servicing, maintenance and repair may include, Brake calliper overhauls, Valve clearance adjustment, General Maintenance, Chain replacements, Full Valeting etc.

Our Restorations is our main operation. Disassembly and Re-assembly of Classic and Vintage models throughout an extended time frame. Paintwork Preparation, Engine Rebuilding, Wiring etc.

We also prepare a number of classic examples for sale throughout the year - We will make sure every detail is brought up to standard prior to finding the bike a new home - general repairs and maintenance - Smart repairs and paint correction etc.

What we're looking for:

  • Someone keen to learn and expand their knowledge and skill base.
  • Someone with some sort of experience in the Motorcycle Industry, whether that be working with your own machines or others corporately.
  • Someone whos up for a challenge! Someone who can throw themselves in to any problem or challenging project, create a plan going forward - to complete any task.
  • Someone who can be prepared to work confidently and independently... to take initiate with any challenging tasks.
  • Someone who will ask for assistance when needed, and effectively communicate with our close-knit team.

Interested? Here's what to do:

As this industry rarely holds any qualifications as such... we would love to hear what experience you have rebuilding or working with Motorcycles of any kind.

We would love a few paragraphs from yourself highlighting any experience with any restorations you've carried out yourself, any key details you are particularly proud of.
Where you're located, and whether the commute would be ideal for you.

A small portfolio of photos of the work you've carried out, which gives us a better idea of your skillset, attention to detail and willingness to throw yourself in! 

Trainee Technician Positions are also available, please enquire.

Feel free to call Ed (Anytime between 0800-2000 7 Days a Week), Send through Photos and "About You" on WhatsApp to: 07857 810 449 

Vacancies Available:

  • Monday - Thursday: 0900-1700 (30 Minute Break)
  • Friday: 0900-1630 (30 Minute Break)
  • Up to £25,012 (Trainee Techs, please enquire.)
  • Optable Pension Scheme
  • 28 Days Holiday Incl. BH